smooth skin lab homepageGetting rid of unwanted facial and body hair is almost everyone’s concern. However, the real concern is how to get rid of it all! Here on Smooth Skin Lab, we have evaluated the most common and popular hair removal methods.

Of course, each hair removal method has its own ups and downs. We have gone through them all, done extensive research on each and every one of them and introduced them in great detail in our reviews and buying guides.

On Smooth Skin Lab, you can find reviews of the best hair removal products of different types. Moreover, we have detailed guides on what to look for when buying a hair removal product, tips on how to use them and answers to the most frequently asked questions.

We hope that our reviews and guides are clear enough to your heart’s content. At the end of the day, it is you who will decide which one is the best hair removal method and the product for yourself.

1. At-Home Laser & IPL Hair Removal Devices

Are you fed up with your unwanted hair and your endless visits to the spa? Do you hate having to shave every other day? Do you wish you could get rid of it all for good? Well, you actually can. Laser or IPL hair removal is the best choice for permanent hair removal and the good news is that you can give yourself laser treatments in the comfort of your own house.

We, as the smooth skin lab team, have compiled the top at-home laser & IPL hair removal devices on the market. Our short reviews on these products are at your service along with everything you need to know about laser treatment. Once you read our reviews and see how easy it is to get rid of unwanted hair forever, you will want to take action immediately and say hello to a new hair-free life!

2. Electric Shavers for Women

Electric Shavers for WomenIf you have low pain tolerance, one of the best ways for getting rid of unwanted hair for you is by using an electric shaver. Completely painless, portable, efficient, and practical; electric shavers are like miracles for those who hate having to go through the pain of waxing and cannot dare to take a chance on laser treatments. The only challenge is to find an electric shaver which will meet all your expectations.

Here on Smooth Skin Lab, you can find the ideal electric shaver for yourself. All you need to do is to read our reviews on electric shavers for women. Smooth Skin Lab also includes further information on all types of electric shavers, how to choose the most efficient one, and how to use it. You can even find answers to most frequently asked questions here! We believe that ours is an all in one guide and will help you extensively in your search.

3. Epilators for Women

Epilators for WomenWhen you do not want to invest so much time and money on permanent hair removal methods and hate having to spare time for spa visits to get waxed, one starts thinking, what is my next best option? Well, electric shavers are mostly a good idea but not for those who have a tight schedule since you will have to shave every other day. Epilators, however, have longer-lasting effects as they remove hair from the root just like wax does. Only, they are less painful and definitely less messy.

The good news is that we, as the Smooth Skin Lab team, have made it extremely easy to choose the perfect epilator. In our epilators for women reviews, you can find the leading epilator models on the market and simply pick the one that you believe will suit you the most. The rest will be all about you and your silky smooth skin.


4. Permanent Hair Removal Creams

Are waxing and even epilators too painful for you? Do you hate having to shave every other day? Then, you should definitely try a permanent hair removal cream. Permanent hair removal creams are 100% painless and they will provide you with a silky smooth skin for weeks, if not forever. Furthermore, they are beyond easy and simple to use, and highly budget-friendly. The only handicap is that there are hundreds of options on the market and it is excruciatingly difficult to pick one.

At this point, our compilation of top permanent hair removal creams comes to the rescue. We have put together detailed product reviews with a highly informative buying guide. We believe that Smooth Skin Lab features every little detail you need to know about hair removal creams. Thus, you will not need to do any further research once you have read our reviews and guide.


5. Ingrown Hair Serums, Lotions & Creams

Ingrown Hair Serums, Lotions & CreamsWaxing, epilating, shaving, and so on. No matter which hair removal method you use, ingrown hairs and razor bumps are inevitable consequences. Not if you are using an ingrown hair serum, lotion or cream, though. Ingrown hair serums, lotions & creams are the most effective way of keeping this nuisance of ingrown hairs at bay.

When you exfoliate regularly along with using an efficient ingrown hair serum, you will not have to deal with such a nuisance anymore. However, how on earth will you choose an efficient one? By reading our reviews, of course. All you need to know about ingrown hair serums, lotions, and creams are just a click away. Read our short reviews and go over our detailed buying guide. Then, you will be set to enjoy smooth skin and a fresh appearance without any ingrown hairs or razor bumps!


6. Waxing Kits for Hair Removal

Do you believe waxing is the most efficient way of removing unwanted hair but still detest time-consuming visits to the beauty salon? Well, what if we tell you that you can skip these visits by waxing in the comfort of your own house, all by yourself? You will never have to go through the uncomfortable scene of showing your bikini area to a complete stranger, too!

There are waxing kits available on the market which require almost no special talent to use and they are as efficient as the ones used in professional beauty salons. We, as the Smooth Skin Lab team, have gone through most of them and have put together only the best options in our waxing kits for hair removal reviews. For those who are new to waxing on their own, we also have some tips to make the process as easy and practical as possible!


7. Facial Wax Strips

Facial Wax StripsDo you know that facial hair can be waxed just like body hair? In other words, you can enjoy the smoothness provided by waxing for weeks on your face, too. Thanks to facial wax strips, you can get rid of the hair on your upper lip, chin, and cheeks. You can even wax your eyebrows! The only thing you need is the right tool.

Since the skin on your face is one of the most sensitive areas on your body, it is extremely important to get a safe, yet efficient product. We have done extensive research and tested many of the facial waxing strips on the market have reviewed only the very best of them for you. Once you have read our reviews and buying guide on facial wax strips, you will be all set and armed for some action!


8. Bikini Trimmers & Shavers

Do you know that your pubic hair needs to be at a certain length for an efficient shave? It means that you will need to trim your hair first even if you prefer shaving your bikini area. The perfect 2 in 1 tool for the job is a bikini trimmer and shaver! Of course, you can always buy the two separately but when you can get a 2 in 1 package, who would want to bother?

The only trick is to get a product that is good at both trimming and shaving so that what you get will be worth it. On Smooth Skin Lab, we have put together the top bikini trimmers and shavers on the market and reviewed them explicitly. Plus, we have a detailed buying guide and answers to most frequently asked questions about how to trim and shave your pubic hair.


9. At- Home Electrolysis Hair Removal Tools

Are you looking for a way to get rid of unwanted hair permanently? The first method that comes to mind is laser hair removal. However, laser hair removal is not effective on all skin and hair colors. What if your skin type and hair color are not suitable for laser hair removal? Will you have to deal with waxing or shaving all your life? The answer is no because you have electrolysis for hair removal!

In order for you to be able to apply electrolysis in the comfort of your home, the Smooth Skin Lab team has reviewed the top-rated at-home electrolysis hair removal tools. Once you have read our reviews and guide, you will see that at-home electrolysis treatment is not a fantasy but on the other hand, very real and applicable!