5 Best Facial Wax Strips – (Reviews & Buying Guide 2020)

Waxing is one of the most efficient ways of getting rid of the hair on your face. Even though the waxing process can be painful at first, the results are better than the ones offered by other hair removing techniques.

But did you know that you might have to wax your facial hair only once every 6 weeks?

In the following article, we review the best facial wax strips currently available on the market. These strips will not only remove the hair, but they will leave your skin smooth and silky.

We’re certain that after reading our facial wax strips reviews and the short buying guide we prepared, you’ll be able to determine which model is the best for your needs

Tifara Beauty Body and Facial Wax Strips

Tifara Beauty Body and Facial Wax Strips

  • Price: $$$
  • Size: 250 Count
  • Made Of: Non-woven cloth
  • Can Last: 5 pulls
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Tifara Beauty Body and Facial Wax Strip Roll

Tifara Beauty Body and Facial Wax Strip Roll

  • Price: $$$$
  • Size: 100 yard
  • Made Of: High-quality non-woven material
  • Can Last: 5 or even more pulls
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GiGi Epilating Strips

GiGi Epilating Strips

  • Price: $$$
  • Size: 100 Pieces
  • Made Of: Non-woven cloth
  • Can Last: 3 – 5 pulls
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Huini Facial & Body Wax Strips Salon Spa

Huini Facial & Body Wax Strips Salon Spa

  • Price: $$
  • Size: 160 pcs
  • Made Of: High-quality non-woven fabric
  • Can Last: 2 – 4 pulls
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FantaSea Facial and Body Wax Strips

FantaSea Facial and Body Wax Strips

  • Price: $
  • Size: 100 Strips
  • Made Of: Non-woven cloth
  • Can Last: 2 – 4 pulls
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Best Facial Wax Strips Reviews (Updated List)

1. Tifara Beauty Body and Facial Wax Strips

Tifara Beauty Body and Facial Wax StripsThe large wax strips produced by Tifara come in two types of packs. The first one has 250 strips and the second 1000 wax strips. All the strips have the same size, and they’re 3” wide and 9” long.

These large wax strips are made out of non-woven cloth. They are perfect to use for soft hair removal, and they can be used by both professionals or amateurs. The strips are very strong and resistant, and they won’t tear or shred to pieces when you pull them.

Tifara Beauty strips are too large to use directly on your face, but you can cut them down to the size you want. The thickness of the strips allows you to use them for more than once. A single strip can be used for up to 5 pulls.

As we have mentioned above the wax strips are thick, and that means you can reuse them for another pull. Unfortunately, that also means you’ll have to apply some pressure for them to stick to the wax.

Tifara Beauty wax strips do not come with wax and they are to be used along with soft wax.

2. Tifara Beauty Body and Facial Wax Strip Roll

Tifara Beauty Body and Facial Wax Strip RollTifara Beauty roll of body and the facial wax strip is 3” wide and 100 yards long. The wax strip is rolled, so you can pull exactly the length of strip you want and cut it with scissors. The strips are made out of high-quality non-woven material, and they can be used with any type of soft hair removal wax.

These wax strips are very strong. They are thick and durable, and they can be used for every part of your body. The thickness of the strips will ensure that they won’t separate or tear during the waxing process. Thanks to the strip’s thickness, you can also use the same strip for multiple pulls. One strip can last of 5 or even more pulls.

The 100-yard long roll will last for a very long time. You can even use the roll in a professional salon with good results. The roll doesn’t cost much, so it’s really a good deal. On the negative side, this wax strip comes as a roll, so you will have to pull it out and adjust it every time you want to use it. This might be a disadvantage for some people.

3. GiGi Epilating Strips

GiGi Epilating StripsGigi epilating strips are made out of a non-woven cloth that will adhere to the wax easily. One pack of strips contains 100 large pieces. A large strip has a width of 3” and a length of 9”. The strips can be easily cut down to the size you need, so you can adjust them with scissors. They are also perfect for large areas like the arms, legs, chest and the back.

These cloth strips can be used with good results by both professionals and home users. They adhere to the wax quickly, and they will remove all the hair when you pull the strip from your skin. The strips are suitable for every part of your body, but you will have to adjust them to fit tighter spots.

Gigi wax strips are gentler on the skin than other models. This will be very helpful for people who have sensitive skin. They don’t let the wax bleed through them, and they adhere well to your skin. However, the cloth can become unraveled when you cut it, so make sure you adjust the strips’ sizes some time before you wax.

4. Huini Facial & Body Wax Strips Salon Spa

Huini Facial & Body Wax Strips Salon SpaThe facial and body wax strips produced by HUINI are made out of a high-quality non-woven fabric that will help you in the depilatory waxing process. The wax strip is convenient and sanitary, and it can be used by both professionals in spas or home users. This pack contains 160 wax strips you can apply anywhere on your body.

The wax strips are easy to use. You just have to apply the fabric cloth to the area you wish to remove the hair from after you spread the hot wax. Make sure you press the fabric firmly against the skin. The wax sticks well on the strips, and you will remove all the hair along with the wax when you remove the strips. Tear starting at the bottom of the strip, and dispose of the strips after use.

These are high-quality strips, and they won’t allow the wax to bleed through them. They adhere completely to your skin, and won’t leave any rough patches. Also, remember that while most people would consider having big wax strips a disadvantage, some don’t like to spend extra time cutting them down to the size they want.

5. FantaSea Facial and Body Wax Strips

FantaSea Facial and Body Wax StripsThe 100 wax strips produced by FantaSea come in two different sizes. 50 of them are large, so you can use them to remove the hair on your arms or legs, and the other 50 are small, so you can use them on your face without cutting them into another shape. The large strips are 3” wide and just under 9” long, and the small ones are just over 1” wide and 5” long.

The strips are made out of non-woven cloth, and they are simple to use. They adhere to the wax with ease, and all you have to do is make sure you cover all the surfaces you remove the hair from with wax and strips. Once you tear the strips away, you can dispose of them

One thing you should consider while purchasing this product is that these wax strips are slightly thicker than other models, so they might take more time to adhere to the wax. This might not be a problem for some people, but it can be for others.

Is It a Good Idea to Wax Your Face?

There are several methods to get rid of your facial hair some of which are laser treatments, shaving, bleaching, threading, and waxing. The question is, why should you prefer waxing your face over the other alternatives? Is it really a good idea to wax your face? Here are some arguments on this topic to consider;

Best Facial Wax StripsPros of Waxing Your Face

  • Waxing removes hair from the roots. As a result, you get skin soft to the touch and smooth all over. This is specifically important on the face because no woman would like to have a rough upper lip or chin.
  • As waxing uproots hairs, it takes a longer time for them to grow back. This means you will need to wax your chin, cheeks, eyebrows or your upper lip every two to three weeks rather than every other day.
  • Waxing is quite a precise hair removal method. For instance, when you bleach, you may end up getting different gradients of gold patches on your face. Also, shaving does not remove all hair evenly. However, there are no surprises with waxing.
  • Waxing your facial hair may reduce it over time. As for waxing damages hair follicles, if you wax regularly, eventually some hair may never come back. Therefore, you can consider waxing as a permanent hair removal method in the long run. It is especially true for the eyebrows.
  • Waxing is a budget-friendly method while bleaching and laser treatments are quite expensive.

Cons of Waxing Your Face

  • Waxing your face can be quite a painful experience as your skin is more sensitive in those areas. However, so are threading and laser treatments.
  • You may get rashes on your face after waxing due to skin irritation. Remember that the redness is only temporary and it will fade away in a few hours or the next day.
  • If you do not wax your face correctly, you may end up getting ingrown hairs which may turn into boils filled with puss. Thus, it is very important to wax your face properly and to use ingrown hair serums, lotions, and creams regularly.
  • It is not a good idea to walk under the sun on the day you have waxed because the sun may give your sensitive skin sunspots.

Even though facial waxing has its disadvantages, you can take precautions against all of them. In other words, how much these disadvantages will affect you depends on how you deal with them. If you think you can be responsible enough, there is no reason for you not to wax your face.

How Can You Find an Efficient Facial Wax Strip?

As you could see from our short facial wax strips reviews, not all strips are identical. In fact, there are certain differences between them that make some of them better than others. In the following section, we present some of the characteristics you should be looking for if you want to find the best facial wax strip.Best Facial Wax Strips

  1. Type of Wax

There is more than one type of facial strips. Some of them use cold wax, while others are only suited for the hot wax application. The only similarity between them is that they’re both used to remove hair. Each has its own advantages, as you can see in the following section.

  • Cold Wax – Cold wax is pre-applied on the waxing strips before you buy them. To use cold wax strips, you only have to take them out of their protective cover, apply them on your face, press in the direction of the hair’s growth, and pull quickly in the opposite direction.

One of the major advantages of using cold strips was is that they’re less messy than the hot wax ones. In fact, waxing with cold wax strips is very clean, and you only have to throw away the strips’ protective cover.

One of the major disadvantages cold wax strips have is that they’re not very efficient. The cold wax does not tighten on the hairs, so you might need to apply the strips multiple times over a single area to remove all the hair. Another disadvantage is the thin residue that’s left on the skin after the application.

Cold wax strips work better with peach fuzz, but they’re not very effective when it comes to removing coarse hair.

  • Hot Wax – Removing your hair with hot wax requires melted wax. The melted wax is applied over the hairy area while it’s still warm, and you have to spread it thinly and evenly over the surface. You then have to apply a waxing strip on top of it. When the melted wax cools, it grips every individual hair strand in a tight lock. One of the advantages of using warm wax is that your skin pores open to the heat, so the wax grips the hair strands closer to the roots. When you pull out the waxing strips, the wax takes all the hair strands with it.

Thanks to the hot wax’s tighter grip on the hair strands, this process is more effective and it can be used with good results for both short and long hair. Hot wax also works great on both peach fuzz and coarse hair. Most of the time, you won’t have to apply multiple straps in the same area to remove all the hair.

One of the disadvantages of using hot wax is that the whole process can be a little messy. You will have to spend some time cleaning after yourself. Another disadvantage is that you will need a bit of training or experience to remove the hair properly by yourself.

  1. Width

The width of the wax strips will influence how easy you can use them on your face. Some wax strips can be narrow so you’ll be able to use them directly on your face, while others can be really wide, so you will have to cut them down to the right size.

When it comes to width, cold wax strips are usually better suited for your face. More cold wax manufacturers design their products with facial applications in mind than hot wax manufacturers, so you will be able to find more brands that produce narrow strips.

However, you shouldn’t consider the width of a strip a disadvantage. You can actually consider it an advantage, as you can cut a single strip and adjust it for multiple uses. This is actually a great way to save money when you’re buying facial wax strips

  1. Length

The length of the wax strips can vary wildly. Some manufacturers produce strips that are only 3 or four inches long, while others produce large strips that can be 9 inches long, or even 100 yards long.

As it was the case with the width of the strips, their length can also influence how you can use them. Short strips are easier to apply directly on your face, and you won’t have to waste time cutting them down to the length you want. Cold wax facial strips will most often than not be shorter than hot wax strips.

The length of the strip is not necessarily a disadvantage, as a pack of large strips will most likely last for a longer time than a pack of short ones. Some manufacturers offer really good deals if you want to buy more wax strips, so one of the best deals currently available on the market is for the 100-yard roll of wax strips.

  1. Ease of Use

There can be no doubt that cold wax strips are easier to use than hot wax ones. To use a cold wax strip, you only have to make sure you cut it down to the necessary length and width, remove its protective cover, apply it on the hairy surface, and then pull against the direction of the hair growth. When it comes to how to wax your face, it can’t be easier than that.

Hot wax strips are more difficult to use. First of all, you can’t use them on their own, you have to buy hot wax as well. After you buy a wax, you will have to warm it up until it melts. Then, you have to pick it up with a spatula and spread it thinly and evenly on the hairy surface. You will have to take the hot wax strips and apply them to the warm wax before it cools. Depending on the strips’ thickness, you might need to apply some pressure to make sure the wax adheres firmly to the strips. After the wax cools down, you have to pull sharply in the opposite direction of the hair’s growth.

  1. Efficiency

When it comes to efficiency, there can be only one winner, and that’s the hot wax. Hot wax is messier, more difficult to use, but it’s definitely more efficient than the cold wax.

The warm wax will remove most hairs from a single pull. And it gets even better. Some hot wax strips are very resistant, so you can reuse them for multiple pulls, whether on the same spot or on a different one. After you remove the hair using hot wax, the skin will remain smooth for a very long time. Some people have to remove the hair again after as long as 6 weeks.

Even though it’s not as efficient as the hot wax, cold wax can be used with good results as well. You might have to place more than one strip of cold wax on the same hairy surface to make sure all the hair is gone, but you can remove all of it nonetheless. If your hair is coarse, you might need to apply cold wax strips multiple times before you get rid of it, and that might lead to a small irritation of the skin. To prevent and counter inflammation, you can use a soothing cream on that surface after the waxing.

  1. Cost

The cost of the hair removing process can be very different depending on what you use. At first glance, epilating with cold wax seems much cheaper than using hot wax, but appearances can be deceitful. Here’s why.

  • Cold wax strips are not necessarily cheaper than hot wax ones, but you don’t have to spend money on wax.
  • Even though cold wax strips are cheaper, you might need more to remove the hair in a single area of your skin. If you’re using the hot wax strips, you can actually apply them more than once and still remove hair.
  • Hot wax strips can be cut down in size, and a single pack can last for a very long time. A jar of wax also lasts for a long time if you know how to use it.

Does Waxing Your Face Damage Your Skin?

How to use Facial Wax StripsConsidering that facial skin is quite sensitive and fragile, you may think waxing is a rough method to apply on your face. Well, you actually may really end up damaging your face through waxing. Here are some possible outcomes of facial waxing;

  • Redness and irritation, blotchy skin. You can avoid this outcome by using a dermatological moisturizer after waxing.
  • Ingrown hairs. They can be prevented by exfoliating your skin regularly.
  • It occurs when small parts of the epidermis layer of your skin are removed along with the hair. You can prevent bleeding by pulling out the wax in the opposite direction of hair growth with one swift yank.
  • They mainly occur because you keep on dipping the same stick into the wax and spread bacteria all over your face. Do not ever use the same stick you have used on your body on your face. Throw away used sticks after each session and use a brand new stick the next time.

Does Waxing Your Face Cause Wrinkles?

We want to get rid of our facial hair to enjoy smoother skin. However, what if the method we use for removing our facial hair causes wrinkles? Would you prefer a hair-free face to a wrinkled one? We do not think so. Hence, it is important to clear out if waxing your face will give you wrinkles.

Collagen is one of the major components of the skin and anything which causes its disruption may lead to wrinkles. Think of collagen as a glue that holds your skin together. So, when you lose collagen, your skin will not be as firm as it used to be.

Our skin loses collagen over time. This is an inevitable, natural process. While genetics is very important in the pace of this process, environmental factors and personal behavior also play a role. Environmental factors include exposure to the sun, for instance. On the other hand, behavioral factors include smoking, drinking, nutrition, etc.

How about waxing, though? Doesn’t pouring hot wax on the sensitive skin of your face and yanking it off disrupt the collagen on your skin? For example, if you wax your upper lip, will you get wrinkles on your upper lip eventually? The answer is no. Any rough movements such as scratching at your skin or even pulling it will not give you any wrinkles. These actions may cause skin irritation and such but no wrinkles.

In short, you can rest assured that facial waxing and wrinkles correlated.

What Are the Side Effects of Face Waxing?

  • Pain

Unfortunately, pain is an inevitable part of waxing. Since the skin on your face is more sensitive when compared to your arms or legs, facial waxing is expected to hurt a bit more. However, how much it hurts depends on your expertise in waxing and your pain tolerance. Some people may find waxing their faces extremely painful while others may not even notice if it hurts. In case you have low pain tolerance, you can always consider taking a pain killer sometime before waxing.

  • Redness and Irritation

You may notice some red blotches on your skin right after you wax and also there may be some irritation. Redness and irritation are commonly observed post-waxing. The good thing is that they are only temporary and are bound to disappear until the next day. During this time period, avoid using alcohol-based toners which will further irritate your over-sensitive skin and keep your skin moist.

  • Rashes

Redness is one thing but rashes are a whole new story. They might be the result of a reaction of your skin to the product you have used and they generally last longer than a few days to fade away. If you notice that the rashes come back every time you wax your face and spread instead of disappearing, immediately change the facial wax you are using.

  • Prickly Skin

Your skin might feel prickly after you wax and you may observe some little red bumps on the waxed area. These are bound to go away on their own in a few hours. However, to quicken the process you can put some soothing cream on them.

  • Ingrown Hairs

You may get ingrown hairs from waxing, too. Ingrown hairs on your face are especially disturbing because they highly affect your appearance. Ingrown hairs occur as a result of waxing when you break the hair shaft below your skin instead of pulling it out completely. In order to avoid this, you should pull the wax in the opposite direction of your hair growth.

  • Allergies

It is always possible to develop an allergic reaction to the ingredients of the facial wax of your choice. In order to avoid any allergic reactions on your face, test the wax you have purchased on a small area on your hand first.

  • Bleeding

Sometimes, bleeding can be a result of waxing. It occurs when the epidermis layer of your skin is disrupted and is quite normal. People with sensitive skin are more likely to bleed while waxing. To avoid this unpleasant consequence, prefer a gentle facial wax strip for sensitive skin.

  • Infection

After you bleed as a result of waxing, if you do not treat the wounded area you may end up getting an infection. Waxing a wounded area or sunburnt area may also lead to a skin infection. If you notice any swelling on the waxed area of your face, consult a doctor immediately.

  • Sunspots

Never expose your skin to the sun on the day you wax. Waxing leaves your skin over sensitive and going out into the sun with this sensitive skin might cause your skin to burn badly and eventually leave you with sunspots. In case you have to go out and expose your face to the sun, make sure that you wear a thick layer of sunscreen on the freshly waxed area.

Best Facial Wax Strips Comparison Chart

Tifara Beauty Body and Facial Wax Strips

$$$250 CountNon-woven cloth5 pulls
Tifara Beauty Body and Facial Wax Strip Roll

$$$$100 yardHigh-quality non-woven material5 or even more pulls
GiGi Epilating Strips

$$$100 PiecesNon-woven cloth3 – 5 pulls
Huini Facial & Body Wax Strips Salon Spa

$$160 pcsHigh-quality non-woven fabric2 – 4 pulls
FantaSea Facial and Body Wax Strips

$100 StripsNon-woven cloth2 – 4 pulls

Wrap Up

There’s no doubt that waxing is the most efficient way of removing your facial hair. As you could see from our short facial wax strips reviews, they are not expensive, they are easy to use, and they produce good results.

If you’re not trained or experienced in using hot wax facial strips, you might want to leave them to the professionals. After all, the best facial wax strips you can find are those that will do their job with minimal effort.

We hope that our facial wax strips reviews have been helpful to you in making a choice. Enjoy your hair-free and silky smooth face!

As an alternative to facial wax strips, you can use waxing kits for hair removal, too. Or, you can try out a whole new method by epilators for women!

Check out Smooth Skin Lab for more hair removal products!