4 Best Home Electrolysis Hair Removal Tools – (Reviews 2020)

Even if you’re already contemplating using a home electrolysis machine for your personal grooming it’s quite possible that you still don’t know exactly what electrolysis is, and how it removes unwanted hairs. So what is electrolysis?

Electrolysis for hair removal involves using a small needle-like probe, inserted beneath the root of the hair into the hair follicle. It then delivers a small electrical pulse that both removes the hair and gives the chance to permanently stop hair growth from that particular spot. Originally electrolysis was something you had to visit a clinic for, usually on a weekly basis. But there are now plenty of great options which let you try out electrolysis at home, and we’ve reviewed them all.

There is plenty of choice on the market. However, they don’t all do exactly what they claim. For this reason, it’s great to read around before making up your mind. We’ve rounded up the 4 best home electrolysis hair removal tools and below are thorough reviews of them all;

CLEAN N EASY Deluxe Electrolysis

CLEAN N EASY Deluxe Electrolysis

  • Price: $
  • Power: 9 v battery
  • Functions: Comfort control dial
  • Pros: Self-adjusting stylet tip / convenient and portable
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V2R Galvanic Electrolysis System

V2R Galvanic Electrolysis System

  • Price: $$$$
  • Power: 18,000kµV of output intensity
  • Functions: Fully adjustable rheostat
  • Pros: Really quick and easy to use
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Electrolyse Automatique Standard 22kuv

Electrolyse Automatique Standard 22kuv

  • Price: $$$$$
  • Power: 22,000kµV of output intensity
  • Functions: Dependable, Functional, Practical
  • Pros: Galvanic technology
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Aavexx 600

  • Price: $$$$$
  • Power: 115 or 220 Volt System
  • Functions: Deluxe No Needle Multi Function Non Invasive or Blend
  • Pros: Programmable Auto Timer./ Foot switch compatible
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Top 4 Home Electrolysis Machines

1. Clean N Easy Deluxe Home Electrolysis Machine

CLEAN N EASY Deluxe ElectrolysisThe first model up is the Deluxe Electrolysis kit from Clean N Easy. It’s a very simplistic design all in white and comes in at a really entry-level price. If you’re unsure as to whether electrolysis is for you, or only have one or two stray hairs that you’re worried about then this is a really great bet for the price. Furthermore, the performance blows the competition out of the water.

You have the option of customizing the intensity with a simple control dial. It is handy since all electrolysis treatments give a little tingle occasionally. The stylus is designed to be slim enough to reach the hair follicle, without piercing the skin. However, we should say that the tip on this model isn’t as slim as some of the more premium options available.

As we said this is a great starter option if you don’t want to spend a fortune trying it out, although the look and feel is pretty basic and plasticky. If you already know and love electrolysis, then you might be better investing in a slightly more hardwearing model. The (Link to x Model here) is a good place to start if you do happen to be looking for a more long term investment.

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2. V2R Galvanic Electrolysis System

V2R Galvanic Electrolysis SystemNext we have theV2R Galvanic Electrolysis System. We picked this model for a combination of reasons. Firstly, it is really quick and easy to use. There is no training required. Plus, it comes with a nifty design and control interface. Even though it isn’t the cheapest, it still comes in at a pretty reasonable price.

This model works wonderfully on the face, as well as the legs, arms, underarms, and bikini lines.

The front panel features an easy to use control system with buttons for adjusting the intensity. Also, the fully adjustable rheostat gives the user complete control. The shape is also a plus. It’s really easy to hold. Furthermore, equipment is compatible with all major-brand electrolysis probes.

To see results, use the device over the desired area every few days or so for a couple of weeks. You’ll begin to see that the hairs that you’re removing are hopefully not growing back at all. As with any treatment, some hair follicles will be more stubborn than others. In spite of this, repeat the treatment and all hairs should stop to grow eventually.

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3. Electrolyse Automatique Electrolysis Machine

Electrolyse Automatique Standard 22kuvNext on our list is a model made for professional salon use. The model is a few years old now and it comes in at a pretty affordable use even for home use. Especially when compared to long term salon treatments.

The power output intensity is very high, and if other electrolysis or other hair removal methods have failed you before, then this is pretty much the most powerful solution science has to offer. The model is perfect for daily use, and perfect for use with multiple different clients since the machine is fully customizable.

The rate of the electricity surge takes place over a much longer period than with most electrolysis or epilators for women, the result of this is that the experience is less painful for the patient or user. However, even if you do wish to change the intensity or the duration, this is perfectly easy on the main control panel.

Another great extra that comes with the Electrolyse Automatique which makes it perfect both for long durations at work, or for personal homes use is the foot pedal. It is particularly handy if you’re holding the stylus in one hand and using the other to find the stray hairs. Just tap your foot on the pedal to administer the electrical surge and you’re done.

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4. Aavexx 600 Home Electrolysis Machine

AAVEXX 600 HOME ELECTROLYSIS MACHINEAnother very high-end option for home use or an option for professional salon or spa use is the Aavexx 600 electrolysis machine. Much like the Electrolyse Automatique, this one comes fully customizable to suit different parts of the body or different patients. It’s also mighty powerful and long-lasting enough for years of regular use.

This particular model is needle-free and works using clips placed over the affected area for short spells. 4 clips are included and can be used simultaneously.

This might not be the option for you if you’re just considering home electrolysis for the first time. Though, if you’re considering a long course of electrolysis hair removal therapy at a cosmetic surgery or salon, then it might be worth considering. Especially if you know others who might make use of it too.

Everything you need to get to work comes provided, a foot pedal to give you an extra hand free is included, plenty of spare hygienic galvanic clips, conductive aloe vera gel and plenty more.

This model does come with one full year of money back guarantee, so if you’re worried about it not being the right model for you, you do have that safety net.

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Best Home Electrolysis Hair Removal Comparison Chart

CLEAN N EASY Deluxe Electrolysis$9 v batteryComfort control dialSelf adjusting stylet tip / convenient and portable
V2R Galvanic Electrolysis System$$$$18,000kµV of output intensityFully adjustable rheostatGalvanic technology
Electrolyse Automatique Standard 22kuv$$$$22,000kµV of output intensityDependable, Functional, PracticalGalvanic technology
Aavexx 600$$$$$115 or 220 Volt SystemDeluxe No Needle Multi Function Non Invasive or BlendProgrammable Auto Timer./ Foot switch compatible

What Is Electrolysis Hair Removal

As we’ve seen there are different procedures of electrolysis available, but basically it’s usually any method of hair removal and growth prevention which targets the follicle of the hair by electrocution.Plenty of treatments out there involve visiting salons, or spas, but there are also a range of treatments that you can try at home, from the very pocket friendly, to professional standard.

Unlike other types of hair removal, electrolysis is the only FDA approved means of stopping hair from growing back. This means with success you’ll never need to shave or tweezer those unwanted hair growth areas again. Check out our top electric shavers for women guide.

Not all electrolysis treatments work well. However, there are some trustworthy models out there. Those we’ve reviewed are a great starting point. Our personal recommendation would be to go for the more widely preferred choice of using a model with a stylus pen rather than a roller or pad.

Do bear in mind though that whilst electrolysis is the only recognized way to prevent hair growth permanently, it certainly isn’t the most immediate solution to removing a few hairs. Also, it can take some time. If you’ve got the patience though, or are looking to save time, money, and hassle in the future by permanently resolving persisting hair growth problems, then there is no better option than with electrolysis.

The 3 Types of Electrolysis

  • Thermolysis – Thermolysis treatments are performed by sending radio energy rather than an electrical charge along with the hair that will break down the hair in the follicle using a heat reaction. By warming up the hair sufficiently. It is one of the faster methods of electrolysis. The high frequency of the radio waves causes the hair in the follicle to vibrate. This subsequently heats up the hair in the root of the follicle. This damages the cells in the follicle so that more hair will not grow.
  • Galvanic – Galvanic electrolysis uses a direct electrical current to break down the cells in the hairs. It is the main and truest form of electrolysis and it helps to rearrange the hair in the follicle to become a completely different substance than the original hair. A needle is inserted directly into the hair follicle where the electrical charge can be passed into the follicle. As there is a little salt in the follicle, it reacts with the current and this damages the cells around it so that the follicle will not grow another hair in that place. Although this is an effective hair removal method and can be permanent, it takes a long time, as the charge needs to be passed along the hair for around 3 minutes at a time.
  • The Blend – As its name suggests, the blend method combines thermal and galvanic electrolysis to both cause the reaction with the saline solution in the follicle and to heat up the follicle. This is slower than Thermolysis, but is still faster than galvanic and takes around 7 seconds per hair. It is suitable if you have hair that is sparsely located around your body and works with both coarse and fine hairs.

Does Electrolysis Work?­ Is Electrolysis Permanent?

home electrolysis hair removal reviewsOne of the most widely discussed issues relating to electrolysis for hair removal is whether or not it really works, which seems to spark some fierce debate around the web. The first thing to mention is that hair removal by electrolysis can take a while.

If you’re heading out for the evening for a night on the town, and our hope to get rid of a few dark hairs beneath your armpit, then electrolysis isn’t the solution. You turn to electrolysis if you have a persistent problem with hair growth that may be dark, rapid, or in an awkward place such as the top of the lip.

If this is what you’re looking for, and you want to permanently arrest hair growth, then electrolysis is the only method that is allowed to claim to work permanently. This said you might need to be persistent. Moreover, it is originally a job carried out by professionals. So, if you’re using electrolysis at home, then make sure to read the instruction manual to know that you’re using it properly if you’re having bad results.

For the best results be sure to place the stylus right within the dip in the skin around where the hair peeps out from. By applying a consistent course of treatment to the individual follicle, eventually, growth in that area where the root meets the follicle will be arrested. Only isolated to that individual follicle, though. So, for each hair, you’ll need to repeat the treatment several times before the fix is permanent.

So don’t be worried about claims that the treatment is ineffective. Proper treatment will yield the best results available. Also, the structure needed for growing hair will be permanently destroyed.

Also, do beware that the rest of the skin’s function will not be damaged. Sweat glands will still function normally. No other problems besides perhaps a little initial redness should occur.

How Often Should Electrolysis Hair Removal Be Done?

The frequency of your electrolysis hair removal treatment will greatly depend on the area of hair that you wish to remove and the rate at which your hair grows back. If it is possible for the electrolysis beautician to remove all of the hair from the area that you have selected in one visit, you will be able to go monthly for this treatment. If it is a particularly large area that is taking too long for all of them has to be removed from, you may need to go every week or even every other week to ensure that all of the hairs can have the same amount of treatment.

How to Reduce Pain During Electrolysis Hair Removal?

The amount of pain that you feel when undergoing electrolysis treatment greatly depends on your pain threshold. Some people describe electrolysis as a stinking sensation whilst others say that it is one of the most painful experiences that they have ever had to endure. Luckily, there are some things that you can do to ease the pain a little.

You could listen to some soothing music. All you need to do is take your MP3 player or your phone with some songs loaded onto it and listen to your favorite music through some headphones whilst the procedure is being carried out. This can help you to remain calm during the treatment as well as diverting your attention away from the pain.

You may want to try rubbing some ice on the area of skin you are going to have the treatment done. This can temporarily numb the area but you should ensure that you do it immediately before you have the treatment.

Some people like to take ibuprofen around half an hour to an hour before their electrolysis session begins. This will help to lower the amount of pain that you feel as the nerve endings will become numb.

Electrolysis Hair Removal Side Effects

When you undergo electrolysis hair removal treatment, it is not uncommon to experience some side effects. Every customer is different. However, you may experience very few or mild side effects or you could experience severe side effects. These are just some of the after-effects that you could expect from electrolysis.

  • Unless you choose a well-trained electrologist, you may find that your skin can become damaged. Skin damage is by far one of the worst side effects of electrolysis treatments.
  • When you have finished each session of electrolysis treatment, you will notice that your skin can become bumpy, red and inflamed. You will probably have dry skin following treatments and you can even experience ingrown hairs. You should ensure that you apply the appropriate treatments to your skin in between treatments in order to prevent skin damage from occurring as a result of these side effects. For that, you may want to consider ingrown hair serums, lotions, and creams.
  • Following any electrolysis treatment, you should always avoid spending too much time in the sun. You should also stay away from makeup and other beauty chemicals until you feel that your skin irritation has worn off. Although you should stay away from chemicals, you will be able to use a fragrance-free lotion. This will moisturize your skin so that your skin will remain healthy.
  • Your skin will be very sensitive following electrolysis treatment. You should never try to use a razor after the hair removal treatment. The only way that you will be able to shave after electrolysis is to use an electric shaver.
  • Weak hair that you have not completely removed has the potential to become ingrown. You should make sure that you exfoliate your skin gently and frequently to keep these hairs above the surface of your skin.

Electrolysis vs. Laser Hair Removal

  • Who can use it? – Laser hair removal is only intended for people who have light skin and dark hair. If you have dark skin, you will find that you may get burnt. If you have light hair, the laser may not be able to effectively remove the hair. This is because of its targets the dark color in the hair. Electrolysis, on the other hand, is suitable for anyone as it attacks the hair at the follicle instead of the hair’s pigment.
  • How long is each session? – If you are using laser hair removal on your face, you’ll quickly find that it doesn’t take a long time for this treatment. It will take around 15 minutes to laser hair on the eyebrows. You will probably need around 426 laser treatments on any facial hair before it stops growing back. In comparison, electrolysis will take far longer. This is because every hair follicle must be treated separately. Depending on the kind of electrolysis that is used, you may find that this process takes between 15 and 30 minutes for treatment on the eyebrows with our well-trained beautician.
  • How much is each type of hair removal likely to cost?When compared to electrolysis, laser hair removal is the more expensive of the two. Depending on the size of the area that you want to remove the hair from, you can find that your visit can cost between $200 and $900. As the areas of the face where you are likely to want to remove hair from our only very small, you will probably find that facial hair removal is the cheapest kind that you can find. Electrolysis will cost around $45 for a 30-minute session. This would be for a smaller area, for example, the eyebrow on the face.
  • How much will it hurt? – Laser hair removal is not particularly painful. Some people say that it feels a little bit like a rubber band snapping against the area of skin that is being treated. You will feel a little more pain when it comes to darker hair. Electrolysis can feel like a stinking sensation. The main difference, however, is that electrolysis needs to be performed on every individual hair follicle one by one. On the other hand, laser treatment targets a wider area at a time.


In conclusion to our best home electrolysis hair removal tools guide and our electrolysis hair removal reviews, we’d like to bid you farewell and good luck in your search for permanent hair removal! It’s been a pleasure having you, and we do hope you’ve left a little more informed in your search.
Remember to check and double-check our tips and tricks. Always read the instruction manual included whatever model you choose so that you can be sure that you’re using it properly. Also, keep in mind that not all products do what they promise. Thus, if unsure always be sure to pick a model with a guarantee included. This way you’re insured against any shoddy designs.

For more methods of removing unwanted hairs for any part of your body, click here to come back to our homepage for all you need to know to become a personal grooming pro at home.