Braun Silk Epil 3 Review

This Braun Silk Epil 3 review looks at what is now a slightly older model,and they have produced a couple of updated models since, however, the Silk Epil 3 has its own character and unique qualities, plus the price has come down a little now making this model a great opportunity to get your hands on a sturdy, reliable epilator for a bargain.
The whole Braun range of both electric shavers and Epilator devices are renowned for their great performance at affordable prices, and this model is no exception. For all you need to know, keep reading our Braun Silk Epil review right here.


For such a little microdevice the Silk Epil boasts plenty of great features. The design is shaped for maximum comfort and to give the widest surface area for contact with the skin, plus the head is lined on either side with a gentle rubber massaging roller to stimulate the skin you’re using it on, to help line hairs up for epilation, and to provide a more comfortable epilating routine more generally.

The tweezer system is quite petite, working with 20 micro tweezers may take a little longer than larger models, though the comfort should be greater as a result. Also, the tips are shaped like a mushroom to line up hairs more effectively and to reduce pulling.
There is also a dual speed control setting, letting you choose between a slower and more gentle epilation for the sensitive places, and a gear up for faster epilation.

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The design spec is ideal for single hand use, with a small pebble like shape and size, with all the control buttons within easy reach of the thumb.
The casing is plastic, meaning this isn’t the most hard-wearing Epilator available, though it does help to maintain the lightweight design for easy comfortable use.

There is also a small LED light control on the front face which illuminates at the head of the device. This is ideal for those hard to reach spots, and particularly for finding small fine hairs that you might otherwise not catch.

Finally, the shape is designed ergonomically for comfort and easy use, ergonomic design effectively means a design that gives priority to user comfort with the aim of making the device more effective, with less hard work.


This particular Silk Epil model is actually made for all other body epilation, so there’s no need to buy any other devices. Do be aware though that there are less expensive but very similarly designed silk Epil Epilators designed for just the face, for example, so make sure you’re looking at the right one before you buy.

As for hair type is concerned, this one’s designed for fine as well as the most coarse hairs. It’s able to cut hairs as short as half a millimeter impressively, though be aware that you shouldn’t try to Epilate a bunch of long hair all at once as this can cause the device to jam and clog. This one isn’t cordless, unfortunately, so you will always need a mains power source for use.

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There are both some nice state of the art technology features, as well as some really neat simple additions that make this model really stand out. First, the powerful but compact device squeezes a high-quality cutting system into a teeny device for your ease and comfort.
The 4 way massaging rollers help to guide the hairs into the Epilator and aim to provide a smoother, less painful experience.

Then we have those features already mentioned like the 2-speed options for added comfort, the led light for added visibility, and the smart tips for easing the hairs into the path of the 20 moving micro tweezers.


There is no particular customer who this is more or less compatible, and it offers great results with different hair types, and for all over body use.

This said hairs that have been recently waxed will perhaps be too short to attain really effective results, but as mentioned any hair longer than 0.5mm is suitable. Also, epilation isn’t really the most effective means for removing longer hairs, so if you do wish to Epilate longer bikini line hair, it will be worth having a little trim first for best results.

The Silk Epil l 3 model as we’ve said is suitable for facial hair, the underarm, upper and lower leg areas, as well as your bikini line.


The accessories you’ll need are pretty minimal with this model and it comes ready for instant use, just plug in and play!
You do receive some head attachments used for your underarms, and another for the face and the lip area. These are made to give greater sensitivity to the areas that you need it most. You’ll also get one cleaning brush for brushing out the hairs from the device, this is recommended every other use or so to maintain the device in it’s best working order. Finally, all of this comes inside a nice little travel carrier, ideal for holidays and storage too.

Also included is full money back manufacturer’s guarantee, demonstrating their faith in the product, and confidence that you’ll be happy with your purchase.


As with all Epilator devices, and most means of hair removal more generally, it can be a painful experience, especially if you’re not familiar with it. Though this said products like this are getting better and better at relieving the painful elements, and there are plenty of features with this model to help with that.

Also dependent on your needs, there are plenty of models that feature a larger head for faster epilation, and the 20 tweezers this model offers is roughly half of what plenty of other options offer, though, on the other hand, this does allow for a smaller, more portable design.

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If you’re looking for a great no fuss all in one epilation device for a fairly middle of the road price, then the Silk Epil 3 is a really great place to start. One last piece of information to add to this Braun Silk Epil 3 review¬†to mention is that this particular model is not compatible with cordless use, meaning this is perhaps more of a fixed option than portable cordless options that are available.