Braun Silk Epil 9 Review – Pros / Cons & Features

The final product from the Braun Silk Epil range that we’re looking at today is their most recent release, and again as we’ll see despite plenty of similarities, there are also plenty of additional desirable features which were not included with the Silk Epil 7.
It’s hard to compare different models, especially since many of the differences may have a different level of appeal for different users depending on your needs.

The best way for us to present the comparison is by briefly comparing bit by bit, and to make clear to you guys just exactly how they are similar, and how they differ, and finally by pointing out the benefits and possible disadvantages of these points of difference.
All of this said and done, let’s move on to our Braun Silk Epil 9 review!


Braun Silk Epil 9 reviewFirst, we’d like to highlight the features which have been retained from the Silk Epil 7 for the 9 since there are many key similarities. First off just like the 7 the 9 is ready for both wet and dry use and is able to be fully submerged in water for epilating in the bath or shower, plus for easy cleaning.

The LED light remains the same, and the rollers at the head still give a stimulating massage to the area being epilated.
Finally totally unique to this model is the electric exfoliation device that comes included. The exfoliator works far more quickly and efficiently (as well as being far more thorough) than manual methods of exfoliation. Further, users will benefit by using it before epilating since it preps the skin by stimulating it, making it more smooth and soft, and reducing the risk of ingrown hairs after epilation.


The design remains similar in appearance, with a few subtle changes to the display panel, buttons, and the ergonomic shape has been updated to be slimmer and longer.
One of the most significant updates is the change in the design of the head shape, the Braun Silk Epill 9 is much wider than on the 7. Users benefit from having a greater surface area of the skin covered by the tweezers, remove more hair per glide, and speeding up the total job.

Other important design changes include an upgrade on the battery, giving even longer life at full charge, and a revamped tweezer system which we cover below in technology.


As you might expect the Silk Epil 9 is appropriate for all the tasks that the 7 is. It is suitable for any hair whether it’s thin or thick, and promises to make coarse hair more soft, fine, and less visible in time. You’re given a series of different head attachments that make the Epilator a specialized device for each body part. An attachment for each use is supplied, and you are free to use this one from your facial hair to the bottom of your legs, as everywhere in between.

Just like the models in the range before it, the Braun Silk Epil 9 is a perfect tool for all over body use.
With the 9 as mentioned you do also receive the mini exfoliator which is definitely worth getting plenty of use out of, and which can similarly be used for all over body use, and works great as a pre-epilation tool.


Braun Silk Epil 9The most significant stride forward in technology present in the 9 is probably in the upgrade to the tweezer technology. The new system, ­their Micro Grip Tweezer system, even more precise. Also, cuts even shorter hairs than the Close Grip Tweezer we find inside the 7. Even hair under 0.5mm can now be caught and pulled free.

Also, the battery has been given a nice little boost, making it even more effective for portable use. Moreover, giving you more time for a full-body epilation without the need to plug in and recharge. The new battery option offers 40 minutes with a full charge, 10 minutes longer than the Silk Epil 7, 20 minutes longer than the Silk Epil3.

Moreover, we should mention that there aren’t many electric exfoliators on the market which can rival this one from Braun. It really is one of the most powerful on the market.


You’ll be hard pushed to find hair that is incompatible with such a premium professional model. The only limitation to really speak of is that it is not compatible with use immediately after waxing. However, this certainly isn’t particular to this model. It is simply the nature of epilators that they need a small space to grip the hair while also securing safety at all times.

So any hair type, any part of the body, the Braun Silk Epil 9 is fully compatible with all.


The most noteworthy accessory which comes with the Epilator is the exfoliating device, giving this product a great 2 for 1 appeal. Also inside the box, you’ll receive 4 specialized attachment heads:

  • shaver head

This turns your Epilator into a fully functioning electric shaver, ideal for trimming your bikini line before epilation.

  • trimmer cap

Also made for more sensitive areas before or instead of epilation.

  • skin contact cap

A curved cap made for the closest epilation which glides easily over your body’s contours. ­

  • facial cap

For unwanted facial hair.
You’ll also receive a stand alone base for charging, and a carry pouch.


There are again no product-specific flaws major enough to be worth mentioning for the Braun Silk Epil9. Sure it may be a little pricier, but then it’s newer, updated, better than ever plus it comes with an electric exfoliator for the price.

Naturally, all epilation can be painful, and it’s definitely not for everyone. However, it sure isn’t as bad as waxing can be, and is far less dear than laser treatments. I hope this Braun Silk Epil 9 review has been informational for you to help you make a decision if it’s the right epilator for you.

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