Remington iLight Pro Review – Pros / Cons & Features

The Remington iLight Pro is a popular and effective laser hair removal device. In just a few sessions, you will notice smooth, hair-free skin thanks to the gentle salon technology that this laser hair remover uses. This Remington iLight Pro review will explain just how you can benefit from this great device. Thanks to the replaceable bulb, this is a hair remover that will last you a lifetime.

A large treatment window ensures that you can work on larger areas of skin quickly, whilst a facial hair attachment offers you precision when you need it.


Remington iLIGHT Pro At-Home IPL Hair Removal SystemThe Remington iLight Pro is priced at a more affordable price tag than many of the alternatives on the market. Whilst it isn’t cheap, when you compare the cost of purchasing this unit against the cost of having to visit a salon for hair removal treatments over a year, this unit is just a fraction of the cost.


This device has an ‘infinity bulb’, which gives you 65,0000 flashes. With a 3 cm window for treatment, this means that you can remove hair from around 195,000 squared cm of skin, which is a really large amount. When you run out of flashes, you can purchase replacement bulbs for around $20. These bulbs give you around 1500 flashes. This will cost you less than $1 for each underarm treatment, which is much more cost-effective than going to the salon.


This laser hair removal device features a corded base unit with a handheld laser device that is connected to the base by another cord. Whilst some people may prefer the cordless option, this style offers a constant power and you don’t need to worry about waiting for the unit to charge. There are some great Remington iLight reviews online from happy and satisfied customers who think that this device is fast and easy to use.

Smooth Skin

With this laser hair remover, you can enjoy silky smooth skin within just 4 to 5 treatments, and after around a year of use, you will notice that the hair begins to stop growing back entirely. This device really does deliver great results!


As laser light technology can produce some UV light, which over time can be damaging to your skin. This device has a UV filter incorporated into the light window. This prevents UV light from getting through the window and protects your skin.

To prevent damage to the eyes or objects, this laser hair remover has a skin proximity sensor and it will only work if it is in close proximity with the skin.

As laser hair removal is unsuitable for certain skin tones, the Remington iLight Pro will only allow the bulb to make flashes if the skin tone is safe for laser hair removal.

Treatment Times

As a guideline, you can expect this laser hair remover to take just 2 minutes to remove all the hair from both underarms. This is very speedy, considering that this is an area of around 120 square cm. The device flashes every 3 seconds and the 3 squared cm body attachment ensures that you can cover larger areas fast.


Remington iLight Pro parts to use onWhen you purchase this device, you’ll get a base unit with a handheld laser remover. These are connected with a cord. The window on the handheld remover is 3 cm and is suitable for larger areas of the body. You will also get a facial hair attachment. This reduces the size of the window to just 2 cm, making it much better for precision hair removal.

User Customizable Options

You can choose between a single flash or a multi-flash option. The single flash option allows you to work on smaller areas that don’t need so many light pulses for treatment. The multi-flash option is better for the larger areas of skin. You can set the machine to send a stream of flashes consecutively, and this allows you to move the device over your skin and you can work on a larger area without having to stop and start the device. This is great for speed and convenience.

For your own comfort, there are 5 levels of strength that you can choose from. As everyone has different tolerance levels, pain and comfort thresholds vary from person to person. It is recommended that you should start on the lowest setting and then increase the strength until you have reached a strength that matches your threshold. The higher the strength that you can handle, the more effective the procedure will be.


  • Remington iLight Pro unboxedHigh power and long life quartz bulb.
  • Integrated UV protection with a flash window.
  • Attachment included for safe hair removal on the face.
  • LED indicators for ease of use.
  • Bulb life indicator.
  • This epilator is highly portable as it has worldwide compliant voltage and is safe to be plugged into any electrical outlet.


  • If you would prefer a cordless unit for portability, then this unit won’t be for you.
  • You can’t use laser hair removal devices on certain skin or hair colors so make sure before you purchase this device that it is suitable for your needs.
  • Although the bulb is replaceable, it doesn’t offer quite as many flashes as some of the other models on the market.


This is a high-quality laser hair removal system that you can enjoy from the comfort of your own home. This Remington iLight Pro review highlights just some of the great features that this device has to offer and you can enjoy many years of use.

The pain-free technology ensures that you will not experience the same pain and irritation that you may experience with other forms of hair removal, and although laser hair removal isn’t always the fastest way to get silky smooth skin, you can be sure that eventually, you will have amazing and lasting results.

If you want to save money compared to the cost of visiting the salon for your hair removal treatments, then this is the product for you. At just a small amount of the cost of visiting the salon, you can enjoy great home hair removal from the Remington iLight Pro.