Tria Laser 4x Review – Pros / Cons & Features

Removing unsightly or unwanted hair from the body has been the ambition of women everywhere for decades. In this day and age, however, it is becoming easier to achieve the goals of perfectly groomed feminine areas and silky smooth skin. Laser hair removal is just one of the many popular methods of hair removal available today and this Tria laser 4x review will explore just why this is a great choice in at-home laser hair removal systems. With many benefits and its affordable price tag, this may be just what you’ve been looking for!

First FDA Approved At-Home Hair Removal Device

The Tria laser 4x laser hair remover was the first device available to the public for at-home laser hair removal with approval by the FDA. Tria is a well-known brand when it comes to at-home hair removal. Thus, you know that you can trust the brand. It’s also good to know that Tria uses technology that is already used in salons. Technology that has been proven to be very effective when it comes to permanent hair removal.

FDA approval means that you’ll be able to relax with a 100% guarantee that the device will be completely safe when you’re using it at home.

Ease Of Use

TRIA BEAUTY HAIR REMOVAL LASER 4XIf you want a device that ‘s easy to use, or you’ve never used a laser hair removal device, then you’ll love the Tria Laser 4x laser hair remover. It has a bright and easy to read LED screen which almost negates the need to have an instruction manual. You can see the battery level remaining, the pulse counter, set energy levels and comfort settings as well as altering the skin sensor. There is also a lock feature for added safety.

Strength Of Laser Pulses

When you use the Tria 4x laser hair removal system, you will notice that you can choose from 5 laser pulse settings. This is for your own comfort. The higher the setting, the stronger the pulse. A stronger laser pulse means that you will have a more intensive treatment with more likelihood of experiencing results more quickly. Particularly, sensitive skin types or those with low pain thresholds would benefit from lower laser pulse settings. To make sure that you’re using the best setting for you, it is best to start off low and trial the pulse on an area of skin that is less sensitive, such as on your leg or arm. If the setting is not too intense for you, then you should be ok to move onto a higher setting.

Automatic Skin Tone Sensor

To further add to the safety aspect of the Tria Laser 4x, the device has an automatic cut off based on the skin tone of the user. It is unsafe to use laser hair treatments on very light blonde hair, red hair, and white or grey hair. However, it can also be dangerous to use laser hair treatments on skin tones that are particularly dark. The Tria 4x Laser hair removal system detects the skin tone of the user. It will cut off if the skin or area of skin is too dark. It will also only work if the laser is passing over the skin to avoid the laser being focused on anything else, which can have dangerous consequences.


When you want to travel with your laser hair removal equipment, you’ll ideally be able to take something with you that is portable and, of course cordless. If you are completing a course of laser hair removal treatments, and need to frequently be away from your home, the Tria laser 4x is for you.

This handheld device charges quickly with the use of a charging docking station. A full charge should last you around 40 minutes. This should be enough time to use the laser on your legs, or on your underarms and face. The fact that this device can be used for 30 to 40 minutes at a time with no danger to the user makes it one of the best models on the market.


Tria Beauty Hair Removal Laser 4X different colorsFor the price of around 6 months of professional hair removal treatments, you can purchase the Tria laser 4x. Although the initial cost may seem a little high, in just 6 months, the device will have paid for itself! You also have the added bonus of never having to purchase replacement laser pulse cartridges either, which can end up being costly in itself.


  • The Tria laser 4x was the first-ever laser hair removal system to have been approved by the FDA.
  • You can get a professional feeling treatment from the comfort of your own home as the Tria 4x uses the same technology as that used in salon equipment
  • The Tria 4x is technically disposable. This means that you never need to change the cartridge.
  • You can achieve the fastest possible results with this laser hair removal system as it can produce minimized hair growth in just 2 sessions.
  • A skin tone sensor ensures your safety during use. Because it won’t work on skin tones that are unsuitable for the laser treatment.


  • The Tria laser 4x requires frequent charging. However, the laser is powerful enough to produce fast results. So, charging the device to keep achieving these results is worth it.


As seen in this detailed Tria laser 4x review, this is a simple laser hair removal device that can deliver fast results and is also safe to use. If you’re tired of paying a fortune for professional treatments, or if you’re simply ready to ditch the razor, you should definitely think about this great device. If you have never used a laser hair remover before, the Tria Laser 4x doesn’t need you to replace the laser cartridge as others do. You can also easily set the laser pulse setting with the use of a clear LED screen.

The Tria Laser 4x can deliver silky-smooth results quickly and safely from the comfort of your own home with minimal pain. Over just 1 year of use, you can expect to experience permanent hair removal.