Epilady Legend 4 Review

The Epilady Legend range has been at the forefront of home epilation for many years now, a position that it still certainly holds. We give you a breakdown of the key features that make it special, as well as any limitations to consider, and simply a closer look into the design features here in our Epilady Legend 4 review.


Of course, the most important feature of all for a hair epilator is that it removes hair well, the Epilady Legend does this by providing a large rounded head that cuts at any angle, and glides around the contours of your body. The 40 tweezer discs buzz round at a rate of 32,000 tweezes per minute, making this one fast, effective, and a really powerful model. You can choose between two custom speed options, which comes in handy if you want to take things slower on those slightly more sensitive, sometimes painful places.

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The handle design is built ergonomically, giving priority to comfort, and the grip is rubberized to reduce slipping and to give a more accurate epilation.

The outward design is lightweight, yet solid enough to have a nice long lifespan, and it comes just in plain grey in a fairly flat, slim design shape.


Plenty of epilation devices you’ll find are made for just one body part, or otherwise might not be suitable for sensitive parts. Other options will be more compatible with fine hair, and some made to deal more exclusively with thick, coarse hair. It’s up to you to be aware of your own hair type, and of the use, you’re hoping to make with the shaver.

On this particular model though you don’t need to worry so much. It’s intended for a wide variety of uses and is suitable for all over body use, whatever your hair type.
You can also use this at 2 different speed levels, which means it caters well to different body areas which might be otherwise a little painful at full speed.

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The Epilady Legend technology produces their fastest and most powerful Epilator to date on a fully rechargeable model. Speed control options are available to give you a more customised experience, putting you in control of your epilation.

The 40 epilation blades at top speed can produce a very impressive 32,000 tweezes per minute, so your epilating routine will take less time than ever.

All of this is squeezed into the neat and petite design which weighs just over 12 oz, perfect for easy handheld use.


As we’ve said the Epilady Legend 4 is a really functional, multi-dimensional product, and it’s compatible with just about any hair type. Additionally, it’s a device that caters for all over body epilation, so you can use it for your legs and underarms right through the year, and switch it up to your bikini lines come the summer (or whenever you find the occasion).

Remember epilation removes hair from the root so whatever you’re using it for, you can expect to see results that last up to 3 weeks.


Along with your rechargeable Epilator, you’ll also receive their perfect angle guide for all your epilation needs. A power adaptor cable for corded use also comes included.

You’ll get a simple brush used for cleaning hairs from inside the device, as well as a handy storage case to keep everything inside, which is handy for traveling, and a manufacturer’s user manual for you to flick through.


It can be tricky to find any overwhelming flaws on any of the models on our top list, and this is no exception. A few things worth mentioning include the lack of different head attachments, which can be handy for different body parts since many models do come with these included. Also whilst the battery life is good, it isn’t the most technologically groundbreaking on the market, and some models using lithium-ion batteries hold much more charge.

All of this said though, the model is fantastic and for the price is definitely well above satisfactory.

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Overall as you can see from the many features mentioned in this Epilady Legend 4 review the epilator stands out as one of the most solid, classic Epilator devices on the market. When you consider the quality offered for the price that it’s offered for, it’s easy to see that we have a winning combo. So if you’re looking to spend a little more than the middle of the road, then you’ll be stunned at the value you get from the Epilady Legend 4 model here.