Philips Satinelle Essential Review – Pros / Cons & Features

Philips Satinelle Essential, Compact Hair Removal EpilatorFinally, it’s our Philips Satinelle Essential review, perhaps our favorite entry price model on the list. There are plenty of reasons to like the Philips Satinelle, just see how it compares to the other products we’ve reviewed and it’s clear that it sounds very similar in most of the important respects to far more premium-priced models. Let’s start by saying that the model is really compact, and lightweight (coming in at under 8 oz), you could quite comfortably use the device just between the thumb and index finger without a strain.


The first big proof of the Satinelle is that it comes ready and equipped as a full body epilator, thanks to the attachments that come included. This means that you can use it for your face, arms, legs, and bikini line for smooth results that last up to 3 weeks.
Next, just like so many of the finest on the market, the Philips Satinelle offers two different speed controls, giving you control of the pace and intensity of your home epilation. Also giving you the choice for more and less sensitive places.

Though the device isn’t waterproof as many other more premium-priced models are, and cannot be used in the bath or shower, the head is fully removable, and can, therefore, be cleaned without any fuss which is a big plus.


The design is very simple here, and the model is a very stripped back, basic epilator model. It’s very flat and slim, and the shape fits right into the palm of the hand. The front panel has a simple button for the speed settings, and besides these things, there isn’t much to note about the design. In keeping with the simple but practical design, the top of the epilator can be instantly pulled out, to be rinsed under the tap for cleaning. Like all of the Philips Norelco range, the front is patterned with a floral print in grey on a white background.


Philips Hp6401 Satinelle EpilatorThe Philips Satinelle is a simple device, but with great functionality. Simple attachments that come included with the device can change it to cater to a variety of different hair lengths, plus caps for the more sensitive parts of your body, and for your face are included so you can easily adapt the device to your needs.

The Satinelle is recommended for the following areas:

  • Face – Particularly the top lip, but you can also use it for other areas that unwanted hair pops up. Though it is not intended for eyebrow shaping so please don’t try that.
  • Underarm attachments are included especially for underarm use, the underarm is particularly sensitive and prone to ingrown hairs.
  • Bikini line – Again caps purpose made for the task is at hand. Also, you even have a range of choices depending on the starting length that you’re epilating from.
  • Legs – The curved edge of the blade makes moving around the curves on areas like your legs far more comfortable and far less like work.


As we said this is a pretty basic model, though what it does have is a solid enough set of automated tweezers which is the base of all good epilators. The two-speed setting is quite noteworthy for such a low-cost model and adds to the comfort of the routine. Plus, being readily able to cut different hair lengths is a big benefit. Also, it can grab onto hairs as short as 0.5mm, an asset that is mainly reserved for the more upper-tier models.
The ergonomic design means that the Philips Satinelle can easily be held in one hand, adding further to the ease of use.


As far as compatibility is concerned the Satinelle is looking strong again. It is designed not only to handle different hair types. However, the attachments make the device specialized for dealing with each type of hair epilation situation.
The only rule is that hair must be 0.5mm or longer, and no longer than 1.5 cms. The ideal length for epilation with this model is around 3­4 MMS. Long enough to be easily picked up the first time by the tweezers, but not long enough to jam or clog the mechanism.


The accessories which come along with the Philips Satinelle are a big asset to the product, and below are the attachments which come included, along with their intended purpose.

  • Shaving Head – This nifty little piece of plastic transforms your new epilator into a shaver. Recommended for use under the arm for a close but sensitive shave.
  • ­ Trimming Comb – Used for styling the hair in your bikini section. Suitable for a close tight shave without causing irritation. It’s also advised before epilation around on your bikini line.
  • Other accessories included – A small carry pouch for storing your new toy or traveling with. A cleaning brush is included too. Just remove the head, give it a quick brush round, clean under some water, dry, and reattach. Oh, and of course you also get your usual manual included.


If you’re after a fairly basic, very reasonably priced model that is no more complicated than it needs to be, then this is a nice option. If however, you’re looking for something with a little bit more of a wow factor then again, maybe it isn’t.
All of the types of additional features like cordless technology, more attachments for more diversity, rollers, LED lights, and so on are not to be found on the Philips Satinelle. Also, we’ve found that whilst it can be found on Amazon and elsewhere at a very reasonable price, it is far more pricey elsewhere, so buyer beware.

One other big difference between the Satinelle and the more luxury models available is that the area of the blades seems relatively small. This means that it will be cutting less hair per stroke. Therefore, it probably takes longer to complete the task than others.