Philips Lumea Review – IPL Hair Removal System

The Philips Lumea IPL Hair Removal System is a great choice if you want effective and permanent hair removal. It is gentle enough to be used on most skin types and over just a few treatments, you will notice that hair regrowth starts to slow and stop.

You should choose this hair removal system if you want an affordable at home hair removal treatment that will save you a fortune in comparison to the cost of salon treatments. You’ll read about many great features that we’ve highlighted in this Philips Lumea review.

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Whilst the Philips Lumea may seem costly at first, when you compare the cost of visiting the salon 4-5 times for a comparable salon treatment, you will see that you can save a lot of money. Other people in your household can benefit from this IPL Hair Removal device too and the more that it can be used, the more worthwhile a purchase it becomes.


Unlike many of the other IPL systems on the market, this one comes with thousands of laser flashes. This enables you to use it for many sessions without having to discard the unit. Whilst this laser hair removal system does have a very ling lifespan in comparison to some of the other models on the market, if you would prefer a unit that will last forever, you may prefer to choose one that has replaceable cartridges.

You can enjoy around 100,000 light pulses with this laser hair remover. This should last you for a very long time, even if you’re not the only person in your household who uses it.


IPL Hair Removal System effectivenessAs with most laser hair removal systems, the Philips Lumea is not suitable for all skin or hair types. You should avoid using this device if you have particularly dark skin. It will also not be suitable if you have very fair hair, red hair or white or grey hair. You can use this epilator however with any other skin or hair colors and within just 4 to 5 fortnightly treatments, you will notice permanent results.


When you use this laser hair remover, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the size of the laser beam window. Many laser hair removers take a long time to complete a treatment session as their beams can only concentrate on a small area. With the Philips Lumea however, you can experience a faster hair removal session as the window for the laser beam is 4 cm squared in size. Not only does this give better speed results, but it also means that you use fewer flashes with this hair remover. There are many Philips Lumea reviews online from customers who have had great results from this epilator.

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Strength of Laser

The Philips Lumea has a wider beam window, meaning that you can get greater coverage from each flash. As this device offers 100,000 laser flashes over its lifetime, you may be interested to learn just how long this could last you.

25 laser flashes using this device means that you can cover a 10 squared cm area of skin. This means that over the lifetime of the bulb, you can expect treatment for 4,000 of these 10 cm areas of skin. This would last for around 5 years, even when using it to remove hair from the underarms, lower legs and the bikini line.

It takes just over a minute to perform treatment on an area of 10 cm of skin. The flashes pulse every 3 seconds. You can expect to perform treatment on an entire leg in around 15 minutes once you’ve had some practice at using it.

Portable Design

This handheld device is easy to transport and is cordless for use away from a power supply. It takes around 1 hour 40 minutes to charge this device. This is just one of the great features amongst the others that you’ll find out about in the rest of this Philips Lumea comfort review.

Treatment Modes

philips lumea settingsYou can choose between the 2 pre-programmed modes for treatment options.

The first mode is the step and flash mode. This is best for small areas where you only need a couple of light flashes before you’re done and want to move onto another piece of skin.

The slide and flash mode is the second mode. This allows you to work on the legs or chest for example and to operate the device in this mode, all you need to do is move the handheld device over your skin and hold down the button. The device will transmit a constant stream of pulses for a steady and continuous treatment.


  • The Philips Lumea is completely portable and only takes 1 hour 40 minutes to fully charge. This is highly convenient and allows you to complete your treatments wherever you’d like to.
  • You can enjoy around 5 years of use with this device, thanks to the 100,000 light flashes provided by the bulb.
  • Cordless operation adds convenience.
  • A wide light window allows you to get more coverage with each session.


  • This model of laser hair remover has a fixed number of light flashes in its bulb before it stops working. You wont be able to continue to use it after this bulb has run out of flashes, as the cartridges are not replaceable.
  • Not suitable for use on dark skin or certain hair colors.

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This high quality and powerful laser hair removal device allows you to have salon smooth skin and permanent results at just a fraction of the cost of visiting the salon. Thanks to the long lifespan of the unit, you’ll be able to get great results on your whole body and it will last for around 5 years without needing replacement. You can find plenty of Philips Lumea reviews online from satisfied customers who agree that this is a great epilator.

This epilator is the perfect choice when you want a pain free hair removal solution and you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that it is safe and easy to use from the comfort of your own home.

The large light window allows you to apply the laser treatment to a wide area of skin, whilst it is also suitable for precision when you want to concentrate on only a small piece of skin, for example on the face.

Beware of the limitations of this device however, as laser hair removal technology isn’t suitable for all skin or hair tones.